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Microsoft: Be your usual self (Simple Things Count, Episode 1)

Disability rights activist Emily Ladau explains how to best interact with people with disabilities—the same as with anyone else.

Vox – Consider It: What it means to be a good ally in 2019

A conversation on meaningful allyship and how to take action.

Vox: Is the Americans with Disabilities Act still effective?

The law says public spaces have to be accessible to everyone. So why is it still so hard people with disabilities to get around? 

VICE: How to Treat a Person with Disabilities, According to People with Disabilities

VICE talks to people living with disabilities about the proper ways to treat someone with disabilities.

VICE: COVID-19’s Impact on Disabled People

VICE speaks with people who have physical disabilities who already experience some form of social isolation to learn about how they’re dealing with the COVID-19 restrictions on socializing and to listen to what messages they might have for able-bodied people.

Facebook Live: Women’s March on Washington

Read the transcript of A conversation on disability, intersectionality & accountability (opens in a new tab)

Rooted in Rights: A Mother’s Day message from Emily and Ellen Ladau

Emily and Ellen Ladau talk about the rights of parents with disabilities and share their story.


Call Your Girlfriend – Disability, Fragility, Vulnerability

Tiffany & Yu – Making the Disability Experience Accessible

The Heumann Perspective – “Demystifying Disability” with Ellen and Emily Ladau

WNYC’s The Takeaway – What is Disability Pride Month?

Function with Anil Dash – Design Bias is Ruining Accessibility

Call Your Girlfriend – Demystifying Disability

NPR Morning Edition – Clinton Courts Voters With Disabilities

BBC Radio Ouch: Disability Talk – Not so Undercover Boss

Disability Visibility Podcast – Storytelling

Read more from Emily in her own words. Visit the blog.


New York Times

‘A Failed System’: What It’s Like to Vote With a Disability During a Pandemic

PBS NewsHour

Pandemic means Americans with disabilities aren’t getting the services they need


Clinton Puts Focus On 56 Million ‘Invisible’ Voters With Disabilities

The Washington Post

As restaurants take over sidewalks to provide pandemic-safe dining, people with disabilities encounter barriers.

Donald Trump put disability in the spotlight, but not in the way these advocates hoped.

‘Me Before You’ has a disabled main character — but activists are angry. Here’s why.

Los Angeles Review of Books

Changing the Mindset: A Conversation with Emily Ladau


Why Some Disability Rights Activists Are Protesting ‘Me Before You’

The Daily Beast

Think the Pandemic Sucks? Now Imagine You Have a Disability.


Designing for Disabilities: How Parson’s Open Style Lab is Helping Make Fashion Accessible


What Your Disabled Friends Want You To Know About ‘Going Back To Normal’ Post-Vaccine

How To Talk To Your Kid About Disability 

It’s Perfectly OK To Call A Disabled Person ‘Disabled,’ And Here’s Why

Columbia Journalism Review

What journalists can do better to cover the disability beat

Good Housekeeping

Parents with Disabilities Are Often Overlooked in Society

Gay Mag

The Cost of Accessibility


Not one 2020 candidate has a website that is accessible to the blind

Products mocked as “lazy” or “useless” are often important tools for people with disabilities

Vice – Tonic

We Need to Stop Talking About Disability as a Burden

We Don’t Need Events Specifically for Disabled People


Why banning plastic straws upsets people with disabilities


Most of US Wants Sex Ed in Schools. Why Isn’t It Federally Mandated and Funded?

Does “Special Ed” Serve Students? Disability Activists Say No.

Undark Magazine

The Physics (and Economics, and Politics) of Wheelchairs on Planes

Bloomberg Government

Airlines Duck Fines for Busting Wheelchairs, Despite Tougher Law

Wall Street Journal

Twitter’s Voice Tweets Upset Users Again Over Accessibility


It’s Hard Being Cut Off from Society? Welcome to My World

Apartment Therapy

What Happens to Remote-Friendly Work Culture in the Post-Pandemic Era?


How to Get Disability Accommodations at School

The Globe and Mail

Why journalism must be careful about health and gender

60 Minutes Overtime

The New York City Subway’s Accessibility Problem

U.S. News and World Report

These 10 People Wouldn’t Give Up Their Wheelchairs If They Could


13 People With Disabilities Discuss Their Post-Election Concerns


Millennial activists on Long Island: West Babylon’s Emily Ladau

American Association of People with Disabilities

Announcing the 2018 AAPD Paul G. Hearne Leadership Awards

The Lilith Blog

Disability Rights Activist Emily Ladau on How to Make Feminism Include Everyone

Adelphi University

Inspired at Adelphi, an Activist Battles Ableism

Scary Mommy

It’s Okay To Say ‘Disabled’ And Other Truths About Approaching Disability With Respect


Redefining the Beach Body: 4 Women Share Their Views


#CripTheVote This Election Year

The #CripTheVote Movement Is Bringing Disability Rights To The 2016 Election


These Empowering Photos Prove Beauty Isn’t One Size Fits All

Women on Writing

Emily Ladau Shines a Light on Disability


Disability rights activist visits Rochester to discuss ‘self-direction’