2022 Disability Holiday Gift Guide

Image above: Abstract snow-covered mountains in dark blue and teal hues, surrounded by a periwinkle sky with a yellow sun shining down, creating orange reflections. Text reads: “The Original Disability Holiday Gift Guide 2022 by Emily Ladau and Kate Caldwell.”


2022 felt like it took an entire century and also like it blew by in one week…but somehow it’s the holiday season again. That means it’s time for my favorite holiday tradition: putting out the annual Disability Holiday Gift Guide along with my friend Kate Caldwell, a nationally recognized consultant on disability entrepreneurship. As always, you’ll find lots of unique creations from disabled entrepreneurs, some new books by disabled authors, and disability-led organizations to support. I know it’s been a rough few years, but I hope this guide brings you a little holiday joy!

Drum roll, please! Here it is…The Original Disability Holiday Gift Guide 2022!

Brought to you by Emily Ladau and Kate Caldwell

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Click here for the full festive infographic. Unfortunately, it’s not screenreader accessible, but I’ve got you covered with an image description below.

Image description for infographic: Abstract snow-covered mountains in dark blue and teal hues, surrounded by a periwinkle sky with a yellow sun shining down, creating orange reflections. Text reads: “The Original Disability Holiday Gift Guide 2022.” Below are rows of orange ski goggles, each with links to previous gift guides. Under that, text reads: “By Emily Ladau and Kate Caldwell.” (Note, links to guides are external and not screenreader accessible, but include links to plain text versions.) The list of disabled-owned businesses, books by disabled authors, and disability-led organizations is spread out over four slides. The first slide has a dark blue background, the second has a yellow background, the third has a light blue background, and the fourth has a partially white and partially dark blue background separated by an illustration of a snowbank. Each slide is accented with snowflakes and geometric shapes in blue, yellow, and orange hues. The business listings each include a small thumbnail image of an item from the shop. The book covers are next to each title, and the organization logos are next to each organization’s name.

Past Disability Holiday Gift Guides

2022 Guide

By Alexis Ander Kashar
A lovely collection of jewelry featuring the sign for “I love you” in American Sign Language.
Use code WELCOME10 for 10% off.

The Squeaky Wheel
By The Squeaky Wheel’s Creative Team
Laugh-out-loud funny, tongue-in-cheek disability-themed merch.
Use code SQUEAKYFAM for 10% orders of $50 or more. Expires 12/31/2022.

By Shubheksha
Delightfully cute pins, stickers, stationery, and prints.

Mullen’s Applesauce
By Jim Mullen
Applesauce “like apple pie without the crust.”
Use code HOLIDAYTREAT for $2.50 off of one three pack. Expires 1/2/2023.

Gen Z Alternative
By Hannah
Super cute jewelry in lots of fun designs.
Use code holidaygiftguide for 20% off. Expires 12/31/2022.

By Trevorsaurus-Rex
Adorable animals with all types of disabilities…need we say more?

Alyssa K. Silva
Cheerful stickers, wall art, cards, and more.
Use code MERRY10 for 10% off. Expires 12/16/2022.

Casey Anne Brimmer
A collection that’s sure to bring HoliGay cheer.
Use code HoligayStick to buy 5 stickers and get 1 free. Expires 1/8/2023.

By Aimee
Fun creations based on the artist’s “experiences, cultures and love for quirky art.”

Queeriously ILL
By Katie Reilly
A fun mix of items to show off your queer and disabled pride.
Use code GIFTGUIDE for 22% off.

The Vamp DeVille
By Denise Zubizaretta
Powerful original artwork that explores mental health and cultural identity.

Maya’s Divine Designs
By Maya David Garcia
Art, accessories, and other merch inspired by “lucid dreams, folk art, Indigenous and Asian spiritual symbols and Surrealism, along with everyday objects and ideas.”

Disgaybled Designs
By Malls
“Art for when disability meets queerness.”
Use code HOLIDAY15 for 15% off everything but apparel. Expires 1/3/2023.

Discretely Obvious
Charming reptile and amphibian themed art.
Use code H10IDAYS for 10% off. Expires 1/1/2023.

Scully’s Stuff
Earrings, scrunchies, and more, with some fun Pride and Disney themes.
Use code GUIDE for 15% off. Expires 12/27/2022.

Author’s Corner

Author's Corner

Year of the Tiger
By Alice Wong

Black Disability Politics
By Sami Schalk

Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice
By Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Just Care: Messy Entanglements of Disability, Dependency, and Desire
By Akemi Nishida



Disability Economic Justice Collaborative

Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies

Asian Americans with Disabilities Initiative

The Fine Print

This post isn’t sponsored. Neither I nor Kate Caldwell assume responsibility for any issues with sellers or orders. Please don’t republish any part of this gift guide in print or online. If you would like to share the gift guide via any other publication, please write a little blurb and include the link directly back to this post. You don’t have to let me know if you do this, but I’d love if you did so I can personally express my appreciation. Thank you and happy, happy holidays!


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